Yoga Teacher Training 200h

Yoga Teacher Training Dynamic Hatha Yoga 200h

Join us for a next 200h Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher training. Sophie and Eknath are both certified and experienced Sampoorna Yoga teachers, who literally have thousands and thousands of hours of combined teaching experience and practice that they want to share with you.

This training is for anyone who:

– Wants to deepen their own yoga practice
– Wants to get into the details of asana’s, pranayama techniques and philosophy
– Wants to understand the structure and build-up of dynamic Hatha Yoga classes
– Wants to learn a step by step teaching approach for learning particular yoga poses and their variations (headstand, shoulder stand, crow,…)
– Wants to become a yoga teacher
– Wants to get introduced into applied yoga philosophy and functional yoga anatomy
– Loves (or wants to learn) mantra chanting
– Wants to immerse him/her self in the world of meditation and relaxation

Is the answer to one or more of the above questions YES? Book the dates in your agenda if you would like to participate and fill in the registration form!

During our 200 hour Dynamic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training you will learn different yoga techniques that pave the way to a balanced and healthy body, mind and psyche. After this training you will be strong in your own practice and you will be able to give a dynamic hatha yoga class for beginners yourself.

What is Hatha Yoga

In earlier days, Hatha Yoga used to be narrowly defined as the practice of the so-called satkriyas, or purification techniques. Today, Hatha Yoga is understood to mean the whole of asanas (yoga postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), mudras (positions or gestures that represent the psyche), bandhas (energy locks to channel it), meditation and satkriyas (cleansing techniques) .

When you learn this set of practices under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher and then practice it regularly and enthusiastically and keep practicing, you will increase your general awareness and bring more balance and harmony to your body and mind.

In yoga, greater general awareness begins with the sharpening of body awareness. Using the different techniques in Hatha Yoga, you work on this further by balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and your emotions.

In contemporary terms, the discipline of Hatha Yoga means the series of physical exercises (in its most pronounced form, the yoga postures) and more subtle practices (such as breathing exercises, muscular and energetic “locks” for channeling energy) that you practice to eventually reach the inner experience of meditation.

This inner experience and heightened awareness support the reduction of the fluctuations in the mind, the ultimate goal of yoga.

Yoga is the science of right living and as such is intended to be incorporated into daily life. It works on all aspects of a person: the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. (Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha – Swami Satyananda Saraswati)

Why Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Both teachers, Eknath Erwin Vann and Sophie Saraswati, are experienced and certified Sampoorna Yoga Teachers. This form of Hatha Yoga was developed by Shri Yogi Hari, who was himself trained by Swami Vishnudevananda, the founder of the Sivananda Yoga Center in Montreal and himself trained by Swami Sivananda, on the one hand, and by Swami Nadabrahmananda, on the other hand, a true and brilliant master of Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound/vibrations).

Sampoorna Yoga is a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga that shows similarities with Ashtanga Yoga due to its fixed and dynamic structure. In addition to her experience in Sampoorna Yoga, Sophie has a daily practice in Ashtanga Yoga. In addition, Sophie has been guiding successful Hatha Yoga retreats for several years in which the various satkriyas (purification techniques) are practiced. This experience and recognized training from different yoga branches form the basis for the Dynamic Hatha Yoga training. Eknath has been guiding various Sampoorna Yoga retreats in Belgium and Spain for over a decade. As a professional musician and experienced yogi, Eknath fills in the Nada Yoga sessions perfectly. The yoga philosophy and lifestyle is evident in the life paths of both Sophie and Eknath.

A bio of the teachers can be found at the bottom of the page.

What our students want to share about the teacher training:

“Het programma van de training zit goed in elkaar: je wordt ondergedompeld in de yogacultuur, yoga filosofie, anatomie en lesmethodiek. We zetten de theorie vaak om naar de praktijk door veel te oefenen.”


“Deze hele opleiding heeft me ontzettend doen groeien. Op alle vlakken: mentaal, fysiek, emotioneel. Ik vind niet 1 stukje belangrijker dan het andere, de combinatie van alles neem ik mee.”


“De teachers Sophie en Eknath zijn mooie mensen, die je echt ook persoonlijk begeleiden in je leertraject. Er is altijd ruimte voor dialoog en ze staan open voor elke vraag. “


“De feedback op de opdrachten heb ik afgeprint en gebundeld. Want die was zo nuttig, zo uitgebreid en duidelijk.”


“De opleiding is zeer gestructureerd; de lessen theorie worden afgewisseld met heel veel praktijk. Ook de filosofie is zeer boeiend gebracht en geeft stof tot nadenken. Een echte aanrader!”


“Ik ben dankbaar voor de volheid, diepte, kwaliteit en authenticiteit die je ons hebt laten ontdekken. De opleiding blinkt uit in onderwerp, organisatie, interpersoonlijke vaardigheden en iedereen krijgt veel steun en ruimte om te evolueren.”


“Ik vond de feedback op de studentenlessen zeer nuttig. Daar hebben wij allen zeer veel aan gehad, ook aan de feedback bij de medestudenten. Die tips/tricks kon je dan weer voor jezelf mee nemen. Ook fijn dat iedereen elkaar feedback mocht geven: studenten én teachers.”


“De locatie in Haacht is zeer aangenaam, een fijne studio met alle materiaal ter beschikking, en teacher Sophie zorgt voor heel lekker, uitgebreide maaltijden. We kijken steeds uit naar het ontbijt en avondmaal, vegetarisch/vegan en zo smakelijk dat je vaak al een bordje te veel op hebt.”


“Deze hele opleiding heeft me ontzettend doen groeien. Op alle vlakken: mentaal, fysiek, emotioneel. Ik vind niet 1 stukje belangrijker dan het andere, de combinatie van alles neem ik mee.”


“Ik ben zeer tevreden over de opleiding bij de Yogabar. Zowel Sophie als Eknath zijn top teachers, met een zeer persoonlijke aanpak. Hun eigen verhalen, ondervindingen, af en toe met een vleugje humor…doet iets met een mens.”


“Deze teachertraining is zeer volledig en heel boeiend. Niet twijfelen om deze training te volgen om je eigen praktijk verder uit te diepen en de stap te zetten naar yogateacher! Ik zou het zo opnieuw doen!”


“Je krijgt heel uitgebreide feedback. De docenten nemen er zo veel tijd/energie voor en ik vond het ook heel fijn om deze te krijgen”

chin mudra the yoga bar

Practical information


24 Saturdays from 8h30 – 17h

Dates TBD

1 morning for the written exam


The Yoga Bar Haacht.


2700 EUR

For whom?

  • Everyone who wants to take their own yoga practice to a higher level
  • Yoga students who want to become a yoga teacher
  • Yoga teachers that want to take their teaching to a higher level
  • Everyone who wants to learn more about the background of yoga


At the end of this training you will receive a participation certificate with 90% attendance. If you also pass on your written and practical tests (60%), you will receive a 200h YTTC diploma that is recognized by the Yoga Alliance. The exam lessons continue during the training. The written exam and graduation ceremony take place 2 weeks after completing the last weekend intensive.

In addition to your yoga mat, bring a pen and paper if you want to take notes. You will receive a syllabus and reading list from us. All other practical information will be provided after registration. Provide your own lunch for during the lunch break. Water and tea will be provided.

Send your application now, the places are limited. After registration, we will contact you personally to complete your registration with you before you can proceed to the final registration.

Eknath Erwinn Sophie Saraswati The Yoga Bar
The Yoga Bar RYS200
Sophie Saraswati The Yoga Bar

Sophie Saraswati


Sophie discovered yoga in her teens while playing the violin. Yoga helped her relax mentally and physically, both during long rehearsals and while preparing for concerts. Gradually, yoga became part of her daily life. During her years as a PhD student at Ghent University, Sophie used breathing and meditation techniques on a daily basis as a way to sharpen concentration and focus. Yoga helped her maintain her energy during international lectures and the many travels that came with it.

From 2006 Sophie regularly followed intensive yoga training in Sweden, Bali and Miami and is certified as “Sampoorna Certified Yoga Teacher (500h)” and “Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher”. Sophie attended several “Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Trainings” and “The Yogabeez Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Program”, the founding organization behind the “Kids Yoga Foundation”. Sophie also followed the “Fundamental and Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training” with Joe Barnett. All these courses fall under the umbrella of the international “Yoga Alliance”.

Sophie is the owner and driving force behind The Yoga Bar studio in Haacht.

Eknath Erwin Vann The Yoga Bar

Eknath Erwin Vann

E-RYT 500, RCYT, Yacep

Eknath has been teaching yoga full-time since 2008, offering Sampoorna Hatha Yoga classes in the lineage of Swami Sivananda, as well as Yin Yoga classes, yoga related workshops, guided meditation sessions, mantra chanting and kirtan, personal sound massages with Tibetan singing bowls, sound baths and yoga retreats.

Eknath has been a student of Yoga Master Shri Yogi Hari for over 10 years. He regularly visits his teacher’s ashram to deepen his personal practice. Eknath studied Yin Yoga and functional anatomy with Paul and Suzee Grilley.

In 2010 he co-founded the Sampoorna Yoga Studio in Brussels, which he co-directed for 7 years. Eknath loves to spend time in nature, breathe clean fresh air, listen to bird sonatas and the sound of mountain rivers. Eknath is also a professional musician. He has played the saxophone for over 40 years and has taught and performed music professionally for over 25 years. Eknath is a real improviser. He believes in the power of kindness and practices daily to see beauty in all and everyone surrounding us.